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Veronika Braslavsky 


I have enjoyed a long artistic career in the field of graphic design, but I also always had a passion of creating clothes for women. I graduated from the prestigious Government Academy of Industrial Arts in St. Petersburg, Russia. Professionally, I have designed artwork for advertising and packaging of various consumer goods and other promotional materials, including books, magazines, brochures, flyers, and posters. Moving to the United States has given me many opportunities and allowed me to pursue my lifelong passion of designing women’s clothing.

For thirteen years I was working in knitting design. I employ many techniques and styles in my work, constantly striving for improvement and innovation. Recently, I found new ways to express myself by felting. The technique I’m currently using is called laminated felt. It allows me to produce fabrics without having to spin or weave the fibers first. The fibers are simply held together by an adhesive medium. This method allows me to be completely unlimited during the creative process.

My latest collection includes scarves, vests, tops, dresses, and cardigans. All designs are one of a kind and entirely handmade. I use silk, finest merino wool, olive soap, water, and my imagination – a simple and eco-friendly formula which involves lots of fun, passion, and long work days. I love what I do, and I can not picture myself doing anything else.  

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